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Show Details - July 2011


Shine and The Notables - July 31st


Narissa Young, Kay Nielsen, Heather Haseltine





Shine” - Narissa Young, Heather Haseltine and Kay Nielsen -  3 dynamic singer/ songwriters who come from diverse backgrounds with the common thread of their love of music and lyric to form an acappella trio immersed in captivating harmony. With their motto “intention is everything”, they actively create an audience experience set to inspire and raise the vibration of each individual present. The ripple effect occurs as each member of the audience takes this gift of shifted energy and pays it forward, positively affecting those around themselves.

Narissa and Kay’s long-standing musical partnership, entwined with their passion for personal development, lead them to explore the connection between sound vibration, feelings and energy shifting. This has magnetized their lives to attract kind, heart-centered individuals. Enter, Heather in the spring of 2010, whose life-long dream was to sing harmony with intention and love, thus “Shine” was born.  With their intense drive to raise vibration and change lives through music, Heather’s vision has become reality.

There is well over 60 years combined musical experience between them and all proudly claim their start as self-admitted “band geeks”. The call of music has found them in various formations; choirs, big bands, rock bands and solos, duos and trios, covering a wide variety of genres, from jazz and barbershop  to folk and rock. Drawing from their unique set of combined skills, their momentum is taking them to heights beyond imagination. The power of all three voices in a blessed blend creates a unique “feel good” experience with the ability to evoke emotions deep within the receiving listener.

The “Shine” experience is a “must…see, hear and feel”. Have you experienced “Shine” yet?






"The Notables" were formed early in 2009, mainly to participate in the Tidesmen's annual quartet competition. We did so well and enjoyed the experience so much that we decided to remain together, and we have been performing and having fun - especially having fun - ever since. We sing a range of barbershop music, including some of the old faithful standards, but we are moving more towards singing modern music (in barbershop terms, that's anything post 1960!).

RobRoy Kuziw, on the left in the photograph, sings tenor - the high part. He is quite new to barbershop, and is already totally hooked on the joys it brings to him and to others.

Next to RobRoy is our lead, Chris Winslow. Leads in barbershop ususally sing the melody, and Chris, who has been singing barbershop for a dozen years or so, gives us our tempo, start and finish.

Third from left is our bass, Glenn Harvey. Glenn sang both barbershop and other choral music in Saskatchewan before retiring to Nanaimo in 2006. He soon joined the Tidesmen Chorus, and now provides that essential, solid bass line that is the foundation to all our music.

On the right is Roy Sage, who sings baritone. Roy sang with the Capital City Barbershop Chorus in Ottawa for a dozen years before retiring to Nanaimo. He immediately joined the Tidesmen Chorus, and is very happy to be singing with the chorus and especially with the Notables. As barbershoppers say: "Life's a pitch and then you sing!"


Tom Wilson from Junkhouse and Blackie and the Rodeo Kings will grace the stage of the Rendezvous on this very special solo acoustic show.

Don't miss this show Tom Wilson is such a GREAT singer and an amazing front man of all his previous bands.... Tickets will be on sale in 2 weeks and DONT MISS THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!

Lee Harvey Osmond (Tom Wilson) Solo - July 27th - 8 PM to 10 PM