When was the last time you had a little Rendezvous?




Diner's Rendezvous circa 1950s


Look familiar to anyone?? How about the Waldorf Hotel??  Tahitian Lounge anyone?? The curved room with the bamboo bar and mirrors on the wall! It was pretty much bang on!!


You can see this photo much clearer and see the details. This photo is actually of the wall with the mural as opposed to a photo of the reflection in the mirror as the first card. You can see a really cool Nite time scene of an old tree, moon lite, tropical foliage, and a Chinese looking ‘Junk’ sailing in the water.


About five pieces of thick bamboo line either side of the mural with matting on the walls and all under a awesome looking curved ceiling with a Nite sky painted on it and complete with twinkling lights!! You can also see how the ceiling curves up and out just like the Waldorf Hotel and the way their sky was done.


“Taboo Dan” as he is known on Tiki forums is an avid collector of all things Tiki and in 2008 he bought a postcard at an antique show that enticed him to learn more about the past of the Diner’s Rendezvous restaurant in Nanaimo.  Here is Dan’s story:


Grab yourself a drink…. oh….. you have one already!! Perfect!

The following photo is the first card I found of a restaurant that was once located on Vancouver Island in Nanaimo, BC. It was called “The Diners Rendezvous” and was situated in the heart of Nanaimo.


I was going through a large stack of cards when I noticed this one. It looked kind of cool with it’s 60′s looking decor, nice mural and bamboo on the wall. I didn’t notice at first, but it was actually a mirrored wall with bamboo below the mirrors and what looked to be a reflection of a night sky.


The back of the card reads: “Air conditioned dining lounges and coffee shop. Dine under the stars or in our Pagoda Lounge and enjoy Delicious Canadian and authentic Chinese cuisine. Located in the heart of downtown Nanaimo, BC, next to the City Hall.”


Only one of my cards was mailed and I can not make out the date. It does look like 1959 but can’t be sure.

In this shot you get much more of a feel for the restaurant and the whole theme. Pretty nice looking place! I found out that this restaurant opened in 1956!

That is one year after the Waldorf opened up it’s Polynesian Rooms!!

Special Thanks to www.midislandnews.com