When was the last time you had a little Rendezvous?

The Building


The Brompton Block is a two-storey Edwardian Commercial style building in the downtown core.


Designed and built by local contractor James Green in 1912, this horizontally proportioned block is a very good example of a vernacular Edwardian Commercial style building.


The second floor retains its original appearance. The ground floor originally had four separate storefronts and a central entry to the top floor but was later converted to use as a single restaurant.



The alterations, which included using mosaic tile as cladding on the exterior, were designed by the Nanaimo firm of McArravy & Barley in 1956 and are a good expression of the building’s aesthetic evolution over time and the trend towards stylistic modernization prevalent at the time.

The Restaurant


The Brompton Block is significant because of it’s association with the Wong family and the Diner’s Rendezvous Restaurant.


For several decades, starting in the mid-1950s, the Diner’s Rendezvous was one of the most popular restaurants in Nanaimo. The Wong family were exceptionally active in community life.


The Brompton Block is also significant because of its association with two well known and prolific Nanaimo builder-architects.


Green was active in Nanaimo in the 1920s and 1930s and is best remembered for Beban House.


McArravy, a formally trained architect, designed many notable buildings including City Hall and the Fitzwilliam Street Library building. A neighbourhood landmark, the Brompton Block’s long facade is very prominent on the street.”



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A Little Bit of History