When was the last time you had a little Rendezvous?

Bring an appetite for the extraordinary!!

The original Diners Rendezvous was established in 1953 and the ‘Dining Under the Stars’ was modelled after the Waldorf Astoria’s Polynesian rooms bringing a New York feel to a town of 8000 at the time.  Located in historic downtown Nanaimo, our restaurant and entertainment lounge offers fresh creative cuisine with special events and various forms of entertainment to please any palate.

Chef Ross Hughes has created a globally inspired menu with bold, fresh thinking on classic fare, addictive takes on global dishes and exceptional taste in our signature items, items that you just won’t find anywhere else.  It’s all diverse, eclectic, original & habit forming.

From our large and tasty selection of appetizers or our flavourful entrees, to our signature martinis and top calibre entertainment, our restaurant is for everyone who doesn’t quite know what goes into a gimlet and thinks angostura is a type of sweater!!




A Lawyer Is Crucial In Any Legal Offense, Especially DUI

Some people making think that lawyers are over rated and that they are just for situations for major legal offenses. Yes, it maybe a bit too much if you want to go to court over a speeding ticket or a small claims court. But there are situations like getting pulled over for DUI, that you need an excellent lawyer.



The law is just complicated by nature; there are so many rules and regulations that you are probably not aware of. The law is also very sensitive, every little thing that you say or do can be used against your case. So if you are not smart about things, you maybe saying the wrong things and you can very much lose your case. A lawyer is made available to you, so you can be informed about the different rules and also what you did or did not do wrong.


It is true that getting the services of a lawyer is expensive, but going into court without a later can cause you a lot more money. Lawyers usually do not usually ask for their payment until they win the case, but if you go for a less credible lawyer and you lose your case. You can spend so much more paying for those fees. That is why it is a good idea to invest in top notch lawyers when you need to.


In an incident where you know you are not at fault, can sometimes be turned around by the opposing team because they were able to tell their story better than you can. That is where the services of a lawyer can be handy, he can take your story and proper evidence to the court, and make sure that your story is exposed properly without truths being twisted. They can also properly challenge that opposing side to make sure that he stays guilty.


When in court, one of the things you have to do plead. And pleading is one the crucial factors that will win you that case. Lawyers will be there to inform you what pleading does to your case. They will also make a carefully calculated guide on what to say during you plead.


A DUI or Drunk under the influence is the act of being pulled over by the cops because they noticed that you are not driving straight. They will then do a check on your alcohol intake. If you are below the drinking age of 21 and they find alcohol in your system you are smacked with this penalty. If you are of age and you are drunk, you will be fined with a DWI which driving while intoxicated.

If ever you are in this situation it always good get a lawyer for DUI in fairfax. Getting a lawyer will give you confidence and will give you a fighting chance to avoid going to jail. Always make sure that the lawyer you hire is of high credibility and skill.



Have A Wig Custom Made Just For You

Wigs have been around for many years, and both women and men have their reasons why they wear one. Wigs are part of a huge fashion industry and make a lot of money by giving people back their confidence with prosthetic hair. Some people have a hard time living life knowing that they lost their hair or never had any, to begin with anyway. That is why wigs are such a vital piece to a person’s confidence and psychological stability.



Some people’s genetics make their hair fall at an early age, or their hairline recedes at a fast pace. These are just some the common hair issues that males and females have to face. And for them to experience this at such a young age can affect them negatively. That is why wigs can be a natural solution to give them the confidence to socialize again. Sometimes it isn’t all about genetics, but inadequate nutrition could be a cause for hair issues.


Wigs aren’t just for people who are bald or have hair problems. A lot of women with hair still choose to wear wigs. But why do you think so? Wigs can be convenient for the lifestyle of a woman. It takes a woman a long time for her to fix herself, that is why they decide to cut down those work hours and just get a wig. With a wig, you can already pre-style it the way you want, and it will be ready to wear right before you leave for your plans.


There are a lot of times that you want to try a different hairstyle, but it is just so expensive to go to the salon all the time. This is where the beauty of wigs can come into play. You can choose different hair types and play around with. Give it any hairstyle you want and see if it will suit you if it doesn’t then you go ahead and move on to the next hairstyle. You can also go to a salon to have your wig styled over and over again.


That is why wigs for alopecia works well for people with this condition. Alopecia is a type of autoimmune disorder that results into unpredictable hair loss. This condition chooses its victims randomly and can occur in anyone whether of age and gender. Alopecia in Greek translates to “fox disease”, foxes are known for changing their fur. One in five people with alopecia areata, probably has another family member who is experiencing or has experienced the same condition.


If you are interested in getting a wig, then there are a lot of salons or professional wig makers who fabricate custom wigs just for you. Especially at this day and age, there is nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to wearing wigs. As long as you have accepted your situation and that you wear the wig with confidence, I’m sure no one will notice that you have a wig on.



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